Mission Statement:

At the Bunyip Beekeeper our goal is to increase awareness and equip current and future generations about the importance of bees and their role in pollination.


The Bunyip Beekeeper incursions promote awareness of the importance of bees to the environment and our everyday lives by providing scientific engagement and study with strong links to the Victorian Curriculum especially Biological Science.


Our programs have been specifically developed to support subject and cross-curricula domains while enhancing the experience for students through content being delivered by a practicing Apiarist. Programs predominantly support primary school learning however The Bunyip Beekeeper can tailor programs specific to clients’ needs such as outdoor education programs.


Age appropriate and engaging programs include:

·       Observing and learning how bees grow change and have offspring and also have a variety of external features that enable them to live in different places where their basic needs, including food, water and shelter are met (VCSSU042), (VCSSU043) .

·       Studying how living things have cycles that depend on each other to survive in a ‘Real World’ context (VCSSU058)

·       Identifying structural features and adaptations of bees that help them to survive in the environment and how the growth and survival of these bees are affected by the physical conditions of their environment (VCSSU075), (VCSSU079).


Booking Details:

Up to 5 sessions per day per school at approximately 50 minutes per session. 

​Each session is capped to 30 students ensuring that everyone can be involved.

​Session times can be adjusted to suit your timetable.

Pricing (Including GST):

1x 50min session $242

2x 50min sessions $462

3x 50min sessions $649

4x 50min sessions $803

5x 50min sessions $924

Included: consumables and travel within 1 hour of Melbourne.

Additional travel fees apply outside of Melbourne Suburbs.

​Discounts apply for Child care centres and Kindergartens.

Price breakdown: 

​Average class size of 24 students, 5x sessions in a full day would equate to a cost per head of $7.70 including GST.

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