We have hives located at multiple locations throughout Gippsland and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. 

We market our Raw Honey from location, rather than floral source, giving you a taste of local mixed flora and contains small ammounts of local pollens which may help with allergies.

Raw honey is a natural product, it is cold extracted directly from the honey comb to retain its aromatics and beneficial enzymes using hand extraction. Our hives are ethically managed on properties in both urban and rural areas where our focus is on bee health and colony sustainability.

We extract and package our honey in the commercial kitchen within the Bunyip Town Hall all by hand.

Our bees collect nectar and provide pollination services to a wide variety of local flora yielding varying flavour differences in our honey depending on location.

Thank you for supporting local bees!

Bunyip Town Hall Kitchen
Honey Extraction & Packing Room