A Few Words About Maintaining your Melbourne Bee Hives

Keeping bees is a great way to produce a commodity such as honey, while at the same time supporting the environment. Honey bees help considerably with the cross-pollination of plants and are a natural part of the ecosystem. Like everything, though, occasional maintenance of your hives is necessary to keep your colony healthy.

Firstly, every so often it’s a good idea to check your Melbourne bee hives to make sure there isn’t any mechanical damage to the hive. This damage could be broken infrastructure due to the weather or an animal, or internal damage caused by the bees themselves. Of course, while you’re doing this you can clear away anything that might be partially blocking the entrance to the hive. Blockages typically occur during the autumn when falling leaves can blow into the hive and cause blockages. The bees can usually deal with this themselves, but you can give them a helping hand!

When checking your Melbourne bee hives, look to see if the bees seem healthy. Are they going about their business, or do they seem slow and docile? The most important bee is the queen, so check her too. You may not actually be able to see her, but you should be able to see her eggs and young larvae, which is a positive indication she’s okay.

Finally, check that your Melbourne bee hives have enough space for the number of bees you have. If you have any concerns, call the Bunyip Beekeeper on 0487 100 001.

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