If you own your own or are purchasing your own hive/s you will also need to register with the DPI, it is FREE if you have under 5 hives. This is a mandatory requirement and its purpose is to notify you in the event there is disease found in your area, or if there is planned insecticide spraying. You will also be compensated should your hives need to be destroyed due to American Foul Brood (Victoria Only). To register as a beekeeper, please visit https://dpi.payments.com.au/BEEKEEPER/NewRegistration.aspx​

Our Hive Maintenance Service is tailored to your needs, its is designed to provide regular onsite hands on training with your own bee hive/s, or to provide a professional health inspection for the hobbiest beekeeper. I encourage you to participate in these inspections if you wish to learn as we go on how to handle the bees, manage the hive and check/treat for pests while we work at your location! 

Please note, these fees are based on me scheduling the inspection in advance to coordinate with other clients in the area. 
Fees are subject to your location and accessibility, they may be reduced or increased based on your requirements. You're encouraged to participate in these inspections to learn as we work on your property!

Hive Maintenance Packages:

1. $275 for Adhoc inspections (as needed) - Covers urgent callout and up to 1 hour onsite. ​

2. $385 per year or $38.50 per month  - for Basic package (up to 2 hives): 3x Inspections per year to check health of brood for disease, treat for pests and to reduce chance for swarming (split/requening). Provide advice to the beekeeper on feeding, adding supers, preparing for winter etc. Inspections are scheduled in advance for: 1 in early spring, 1 middle of summer and 1 towards the end of autumn to ensure the hive is packed down for winter. Records are kept of the inspections to comply with the upcoming Biosecurity Code of Practice.

FLOW HIVE: The Basic Package above is recommended to meet the requirements of the Biosecurity Code of Practice to check the health of the brood.

3. $990 per year or $95 per month - For Full package (up to 2 hives): Up to 10 inspections per year including basic package. Full management of your honey flow, adding supers when required, extracting and packing your honey in a commercial kitchen for you. The rate includes requeening the hive when needed. This service also includes my 'Bee Insurance' which will replace your colony of bees in the event that they abscond or not survive the winter. I would treat and manage your hive/s as if they were my own! If you take this option, I can purchase any excess honey to your needs at wholesale rate thus reducing the overall cost of this service for you.

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your requirements on 1300BEEKPR (233577).
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