Invest in a Food Secure Future with Our Bees for Sale in Melbourne

Did you know that insect pollinators such as bees are responsible for 90% of the world’s food resources? The much-overlooked honeybee plays a key role in agriculture across the globe, yet the number of bees has fallen in recent years. At the Bunyip Beekeeper, based in Melbourne, you can buy bees that will help ensure a secure food future for Australia.

Why You Should Buy Bees in Melbourne

In the year 2007, Melbourne and the rest of south-eastern Australia suffered a precipitous drop in the number of bees due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Bees are necessary for pollinating everything from broccoli to grapes, and there is a strong correlation between the levels of bee visitation on farms to overall crop yields. When you buy bees in Melbourne, you can help the bee population rebound, which helps increase food production for everyone.

Beyond improving food security as a whole, there are many personal benefits you can reap when you buy bees, in Melbourne or elsewhere. Just as bees help farms to be more productive, they can also help your home garden so that you have even more of the fresh fruits and vegetables you love. There is also the obvious benefit of having your own honey as a natural by-product, which is far healthier than processed sugars. Additionally, beekeeping can help teach older children valuable lessons in responsibility and their ability to be caretakers of nature and the planet.

We Teach You How to Become a Part of a Food Secure Future

We understand that getting started with beekeeping may seem like a daunting task for the beginner. That’s why we take care of some of the more challenging parts when you take advantage of our bees for sale in Melbourne. We offer complete hive kits with all the necessary supplies to get started.

Beyond just providing bees for sale, we also provide training and mentorship for new beekeepers in the Melbourne area. You may visit us by appointment, or attend one of our many workshops in Jindivick. We also come to you, and as part of your training, we will help you throughout the year so that your hives will thrive and be their most productive. We can help you avoid some of the common mistakes that beginning beekeepers make and offer tips that we’ve learned over the years to prevent bees from swarming or falling prey to harmful mites.

We urge anyone who is concerned about food security in Melbourne to buy bees and learn all they can about this fun and rewarding hobby. We hope that you will enjoy the many benefits that bees have to offer, and will pass on this information so that Melbourne will continue to have bees for many years to come.

At Bunyip Beekeeper, we give you the tools to be a part of this sustainable future, while offering the best quality service and professional advice. Inquire today about our wide variety of bees for sale in Melbourne to learn more.

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