Get Ready for Next Spring with Our Bees for Sale in Brisbane

Bees are the gardener’s faithful friend. They tirelessly pollinate flowers and are necessary for the production of many types of fruits and vegetables. The Bunyip Beekeeper can help you get the most out of your garden with a backyard bee hive. It’s never too early to start planning for spring, which is why now is the perfect time in Brisbane to buy bees.

Spring Flowers in Brisbane that Bees Love

Winter and spring are the most productive months for flowers in Brisbane, which means your bees will get started much earlier than in the cooler southern regions of Australia. Honeybees enjoy a wide variety of blooms, but some essential ones should be in every savvy gardener's arsenal to keep bees happy and buzzing for more.

Forget-me-nots, lavender, and nasturtiums are all superb to attract bees and keeping your hives thriving. They are all relatively easy to grow and are reasonably showy as well. Consider also coleus and Indian pennywort which makes an ideal groundcover. Bees appreciate these tropical beauties and will reward you with fine honey.

Apart from flowers, many common pot herbs are also much loved by bees. Basil, thyme and sage are all ideal choices for attracting these little workers, and many also have the added benefit of keeping aphids and whiteflies at bay.

What to Consider When You Buy Bees in Brisbane

Once your garden is bee-ready, you’ll want to scope out the best places in Brisbane to buy bees. The Bunyip Beekeeper offers bees for sale in Brisbane and the support you need to get started. We know that beginning beekeepers have many questions, so here are some basic things to keep in mind when you're about to buy bees.

Think about the kind of bees you want to buy. Many people are surprised to learn about the wide variety available! Due to the needs of different bees and a desire to maintain a healthy gene pool in the Brisbane area, which helps keep nasty varroa mites at bay, we offer the appropriate bees for sale in the Brisbane area.

The type that we recommend are the beginner-friendly Italian bees, which we always have for sale in Brisbane. We also have our own hybrid Bunyip bees, mated with Ligurian bees, which are highly popular when we have them available for sale. These varieties are both exceedingly productive and gentle. You should contact us if you’re looking to buy these bees in Brisbane.

Beehives require management and proper stewardship. It’s relatively easy to get started with this rewarding hobby, but you’ll need to know your bees to keep them healthy and happy in their hives. We can offer training and mentorship in this area, but you can also read up on the subject in books and publications, or consider joining a local beekeeping chapter in Brisbane.

We are always happy to answer your pressing bee questions and to get you started on your way, so allow the Bunyip Beekeeper to get your garden spring-ready with our bees for sale in Brisbane!

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