We are now producing productive hybrid queens and starter nucleus hives for Spring 2017

Our nucs are produced from our disease free hives located in Bunyip and surrounding areas of Victoria. 

Our Queens are produced from:

- Grafted eggs of our Breeder Covey Caucasian Queens who is purely mated on isolated Keswick Island in the Whitsundays QLD and;

- Mated with Kangaroo Island Liguran Drones in isolated Jindivick Victoria (20min north of Bunyip) where we have multiple drone production hives flooding the area with the Ligurian genetics.

Both the Covey Caucasian and Kangaroo Island Ligurian bees are very gentle and are great to work with - by crossing the two strains we achieve first generation hybrid vigor resulting in very productive, yet gentle colonies.

Bulk discount rates are available for our queens and nucs - please visit our online store under Live bees for up to date rates, volume discounts and availability.

Queens can be shipped via express post Australia wide excluding Western Australia and Kangaroo Island (SA). Nucs can not be shipped and pickup is required. Shipment can be negotiated for bulk orders of Nucs to Sydney and Brisbane areas.

As we have limited production and sell out quickly, we have opened pre-orders for the 2017 season, secure your nucs/queens before they're sold out!