Basic Beekeeping Training in Warragul

So you want to try your hand at beekeeping training in Warragul? It's definitely doable, but you will need a few things to get started. You'll need to get bees, of course, but once you have them, you'll also need equipment to ensure that you can keep them and care for them. They might be extremely independent, but once they are under your care, your bees could use your assistance from time to time. To make sure you can provide what they need, you'll have to make sure that you have the right gear before you get started. The Bunyip Beekeeper is here to give you a quick rundown on standard supplies.

You'll need to get a hive, which is going to house your bees. Artificial beehives come in many varieties. You can even build your own. It's largely a matter of personal preference, so make sure you put that personal touch on your beehive style. You will then need to place your beehive (we can provide some pointers if you need them). Once that is complete, your next task will be to acquire some beekeeper gear. The finer points of what you need might vary, but in many cases, your kit will consist of a hive tool to inspect your hives and move things about, a beekeeper outfit (jacket, gloves, etc.), as well as a bee brush and smoker, just in case you need them.

And with that, you're just about ready to start beekeeping training in Warragul. Give The Bunyip Beekeeper a call on 0487 100 001, and we can get out to you and start helping you learn the basics!

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