Learn Essential Skills with Beekeeping Training in Melbourne

If you’re eager to get into beekeeping, then you might want to hang on before you jump into the deep end with your first colony. For all prospective beekeepers, we recommend you avoid "winging it" and get some proper beekeeping training in Melbourne to avoid getting stung, perhaps literally!

Training is a useful buzzword to keep in mind for any prospective beekeeper, and beekeeping training in Melbourne will give you a valuable insight into how a colony works and explains the difference bee-tween different types of bees, such as queens, drones and workers. You’ll also learn about the various breeds of bees and the subtle differences needed in keeping them. Do you know how to tell if your bees are preparing to swarm? Can you tell if your colony is suffering from AFB (American Foul Breed)? With a little training, you’ll soon discover the tricks of the trade.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn all the best practice methods for looking after a colony, and what to look for when doing periodic checks. All essential knowledge to have bee-fore heading out to buy your first hive.

Whether you’re a complete bee-ginner, or if you’ve kept bees before, you might gain some useful knowledge by learning a few extra tricks from a seasoned professional. Not only could you spot problems earlier, but you might also generate more honey from your hive by bee-ing a little more efficient.

For information about beekeeping training in the Melbourne area, call the Bunyip Beekeeper on 0487 100 001 or fill out the handy contact form.

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