Where to Source Beekeeping Supplies in Dandenong

If you’re looking after bee hives, from time to time, you will need extra supplies to help maintain your bees and keep them healthy. If you’re looking for beekeeping supplies in Dandenong or the surrounding areas, the Bunyip Beekeeper has everything you might need for maintaining a healthy hive.

First of all, let's consider the hive itself. Occasionally you might need to replace your frames or even the entire hive. Our suggestion would be to use the “Paradise Honey” professional eight frame beehives, which are very modern and easy to maintain. They are compact in size, cheaper than wood and provide perfect insulation and protection for your bees.

Part of your kit of beekeeping supplies for your Dandenong hives will probably include a good bee repellent. You'll need this to remove the bees temporarily so you can gather honey. Traditional bee repellents tend to disorientate bees and have the added disadvantage of smelling awful. Your Bunyip Beekeeper suggests using "Honey-B-Gone", which does the same job without the odour and disorientating effects. It's also a natural product.

You’ll also need beekeeping supplies for your Dandenong hives such as protective clothes, smoke and specialist tools. For whatever you require, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional beekeeper to get advice on how to use your tools and equipment to get the best of your hive. For helpful tips and advice, speak to the Bunyip Beekeeper. You can contact him through this website using the handy contact page.

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