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The many different types and brands of beekeeping equipment around Warragul will make your head spin, or should we say, cause a buzzing in your ears? The Bunyip Beekeeper tries to simplify things for our customers. We teach beekeepers how to utilize different types of hives

The Father of Modern Beekeeping Equipment

The Langstroth hive gets its name from the father of modern beekeeping equipment, Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth. He discovered that bees build their combs with the same amount of space between them. This space is known as the “bee space.” After learning this fact, Langstroth invented a hive with frames that were separated by the bee space. He also made his hive so that you could remove the frames without disturbing the other frames and combs. All modern beehives follow Langstroth’s design.

The top-bar hive is an adaptation of the Langstroth hive, in that rather than a frame, the comb is built hanging down from a bar across the top of the hive. The type of hive chosen by any beekeeper is down to personal choice. Some like the durability of the Langstroth frames and some prefer the hanging combs of the top bar hives.

Beekeeping Equipment in Warragul

At The Bunyip Beekeeper in Warragul, we offer the Paradise Honey Hive, which is a form of Langstroth hive. It is stackable and made of a plastic material that provides greater insulation than most wood hives. We have also partnered with Handcrafted Top Bar Bee Hives. That hive is obviously a Top Bar Hive and is a custom made timber hive, made from pine or hardwood.

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