Seek Quality Beekeeping Equipment in Melbourne

It’s a sad attempt of an apiary. You’ve cobbled together a slanted fence and hastily nailed boxes, trying to create a space suitable for your expected colony. This pitiable collection of homemade beekeeping equipment in Melbourne, however, will neither suffice nor satisfy. You instead need fully-compliant boards, smokers, and more.

Allow Bunyip Beekeeping to offer these items. Since 2013 we’ve served as the premier beekeeping equipment provider in Melbourne, connecting beginners and established honey extractors alike to the quality options they need. We believe that urban hive leasing demands more than good intentions. Each colony must instead experience superior care - and, through our extensive collection of tools and protective gear, we deliver that care.

We offer a holistic service, allowing our clients to access the equipment they need. Our options - which include small hive beetle traps, foul brood test kits, and insulated hive systems - accommodate all colony needs, and we ensure that each man and woman understands how to use them properly. We blend training, installations, and on-site management to inspire stronger pollination. We also emphasise sustainable practises. Our beekeeping equipment in Melbourne enables each client to create (and protect) strong colonies. By fusing every item with education and the latest management techniques, we promote long-lasting networks. Allow us to do the same for you now.

To learn more about our available equipment, contact Bunyip Beekeeping by phone (0487-100-001) or by sending an online enquiry. We’ll gladly answer any questions, comments, or concerns.

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