Attend Our Beekeeping Course in Warragul

Honeybees pollinate about 90 percent of our edible crops which are responsible for the production of about one-third of the human diet. Also, much of our livestock is also dependent upon bees for pollinating their food supply.

The world’s bee supply is decreasing rapidly and is reaching dangerously low levels. Many scientists attribute this loss of bee population to the unregulated use of certain insecticides. Many Australians living near Warragul are concerned about our planet and have turned to beekeeping.

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper or just getting interested in beekeeping, our Beekeeping Course in Warragul is perfect for you. At our course, our experienced expert beekeepers will provide insight and training on all types of hives.

Bunyip Beekeepers proudly provides an all-encompassing training solution. You can attend one of our workshops in Warragul, or we will come to your hive and provide inspections and answer whatever questions you may have about the health of your hive. We will provide advice on feeding your bees and on preparing your hive for winter.

Why Your Family Should Attend Our Beekeeping Course in Warragul

Beekeeping can be a great family hobby that teaches children and adults alike, the interrelationship between plants and animals in our ecosystem. You and your family will be impressed by the work ethic of the bees as you observe the development of the hive. We can supply all of the necessary hive equipment and beekeeping supplies. We can even supply your choice of bees!

Honey production is not the focus of our love for beekeeping. But it sure is a sweet incentive and side benefit from beekeeping!

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Note: as I am often out working with bees, appointments are required.