Participate in a Beekeeping Course in Melbourne

It’s a stubborn dream - one that’s claimed a corner in your mind, refusing to relent as the seasons pass leaving a trace of pollen. You’re fascinated by the notion of beekeeping, wanting to experience both hive hosting and honey collection, and with each day comes a need to transform your garden into a buzzing sanctuary. The Bunyip Beekeeper believes this to be a wonderful idea - which is why we connect individuals to the mentoring programmes they need, helping to turn dreams into realities. Take a beekeeping course in Melbourne today.

Discover the intricacies of hives. Schedule a beekeeping course in Melbourne, allowing our team to offer you a comprehensive introduction to the world of apiaries. We provide experienced training, guiding our clients through the processes of swarm prevention, colony management, pest management, winter preparation, and more. Through this, we create crucial foundations to build a honeycomb network on, enabling our clients to pass all health and maintenance inspections.

The demands of a beekeeper are many - but so are the rewards. Through our training programmes, individuals can master both, creating colonies that thrive throughout the year. We’ll address all questions, concerns, and more during our exclusive Jindivick sessions. Allow us to provide you with the information you need. Schedule a beekeeping course in Melbourne and fill your garden with Long Langstroths, Traditional Langstroths, Warres, and more. Contact us today via phone (0487-100-001) or through our online form. We’ll promptly reply to every enquiry.

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Note: as I am often out working with bees, appointments are required.