Beekeeping Classes for Warragul Residents Help Protect the Bees

Headlines read that honey bees were disappearing and entire hives of bees were found dead or completely empty. Queens and baby bees remained, but worker bees were gone. What does it mean? For a while, the mystery of what was happening to honey bees was quite concerning to us here at The Bunyip Beekeeper. Were bees disappearing because of a disease infecting their colonies?

After much angst and research, scientists announced that the bees were victims of pesticides, pests, and poor food quality. Named Colony Collapse Disorder, it affected 30% of bees in Europe and North America; Australian honey bees were not affected. The Bunyip Beekeeper offers beekeeping classes in Warragul, to help bees continue to live in Australia.

Turns out there is a mite--Varroa mite--which is solely responsible for the decimation of 50% of the world’s bee population. The mite lives external to the bees, and it sucks their blood. A research scientist states: “...if we want to eat, if we want to survive, we have to come up with a long-term solution.” The Bunyip Beekeeper is part of the solution. That’s why we offer beekeeping classes in Warragul.

Put The Bunyip Beekeeper’s years of bee-growing to work for you. The Bunyip Beekeeper maintains your hive and ensures that your bees remain active and healthy. We harvest your honey for you, using tried and true methods, with excellent care of your bees and beehive in mind.

The Bunyip Beekeeper’s services include selling beehives and beekeeping classes in Warragul. We install and maintain bee hives, test the swarm, and ensure a sweet, sticky harvest sure to please your palate. Call or email us today for more information.

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