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Beekeeping is a fun and environmentally responsible hobby. Not only does it produce an appreciation for nature and all creatures great and small, but it also produces a more tangible result. Honey!

The Benefits of Consuming Raw Honey

There are several benefits of consuming raw honey. While many people associate honey with a sugary fattening syrup, there is substantial medical evidence that eating raw honey is linked with weight loss! Naturally grown local honey helps counter pollen allergies. There is ample medical documentation that local honey can act as an allergy symptom preventer.

Raw honey is a natural energy source. It is also an antioxidant and boosts the immune system. Raw honey is a sleep promoter by stimulating the release of melatonin to the brain. It is also an effective wound and ulcer healer.

Honey is a diabetes aid. Consuming raw honey is linked to preventing the onset of diabetes and can aid the efficacy of many diabetes medications. Honey is also a natural cough syrup. Raw honey has many benefits over commercial store bought honey, in that it contains local bee pollen, and is not filtered or pasteurised. It also contains no additives.

Commercial store bought honey is often heavily processed and is often heated extensively which can denature or destroy enzymes and minerals. You can find out more about honey and beekeeping at beekeeping classes in Melbourne.

Many health conscious Australians near Melbourne go out to find a local beekeeper to obtain local honey with bee pollen to combat allergies. Why not cut out the middleman and become your own source of honey?

The best way to learn the fascinating benefits of beekeeping is to take our beekeeping classes in Melbourne.

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