Threats You'll Learn to Handle at Beekeeping Classes in Dandenong

You may have heard that there are threats that can endanger bee colonies that you'll have to control. Do you know what they are? One of the best reasons to educate yourself through beekeeping classes in Dandenong is to be able to identify and deal with some of the pests that pose an issue to budding, and even established colonies of bees. We may not have ravenous Brown Bears in Australia going after all of the honey, or Varroa Mites destroying the colony, but there are still pests that will disrupt the healthy bee lifestyle, such as:

The Wax Moth. Be they large or small, Wax Moths can do a number on beehives. After a female Wax Moth lays her eggs in the hive, they can hatch and start to disrupt the structural integrity of the hive. The Small Hive Beetle is another tiny creature that can wreak havoc. They will feed on the live brood, decimate honey stores, and then contaminate the remaining honey with their faeces. Then there are all kinds of other assorted uninvited guest that will try to get into the hive and cause trouble. Learning how to identify and get rid of them is paramount to the continued health of your beehive.

So, if keeping these critters away from your bees is something that you think is a worthwhile endeavour (and we'd agree, it is) you should consider beekeeping classes in Dandenong. The Bunyip Beekeeper can come to you, and give you the information you need on keeping these, and other threats under control. Give us a call on 0487 100 001, and we can schedule some time to help you learn what you need to know.

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