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Fun Fact #1. Did you know that there are over 1,500 species of native bees in Australia?

Fun Fact #2. Most native honey bees in Australia are in fact stingless.

Beekeeper Training in Dandenong

At The Bunyip Beekeeper, we specialise in providing quality beekeeper training in Dandenong. Our training involves mentoring beekeepers while we inspect their hives. We encourage the hive owner to follow us through the paces and ask as many questions as they like. This hands-on approach provides the home beekeeper with the best chance to understand and develop a familiarity with the proclivities of their own hive and colony. There is much literature out there, but it is very difficult for the novice beekeeper to determine what techniques are most effective for their particular situation without some guidance.

We will teach the beekeeping enthusiast how to engage in swarm prevention in the early spring. During the middle of the summer, the beekeeper training will teach you how to manage space in the colony. In the mid to late autumn, the hive needs preparing for winter. Other responsibilities we will teach the home beekeeper during training in Dandenong is how to inspect and determine the health of the colony.

The more you learn about your bees and their hive, the more you will enjoy this new eco-friendly hobby. You can take on as much or as little responsibility for the upkeep of your hive as you like.

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