Do You Want to Keep Bee Hives in Melbourne? The Bunyip Beekeeper Can Help

Harvesting your own sweet, sticky honey, made by your very own honey bees, in your own bee hives in Melbourne is one tasty reason to become a hobby beekeeper. The bonus is that bees will pollinate your flowers and vegetables along the way, giving you a bounty of fresh, healthy food and sweetly-scented flowers. Did your dream honey harvest come crashing down the first time you went to harvest honey from your bee hives in Melbourne? We’ve heard of eager new beekeepers who squashed many bees in the bee harvesting process, made their bees very angry, and got chased right out of the hive, with much gusto by the bees... yep, right through their beekeeper’s suit. Ouch.

Hobbyist Beekeeper’s Harvesting Solution

The Bunyip Beekeeper has a better way. How? We offer bee keeping classes and sell bee keeping equipment and offer other services too:

  • We harvest your honey for you
  • We offer onsite training and beekeeping courses in Melbourne and classes in Warragul
  • We remove abandoned unwanted hives
  • We host and rent beehives, and offer ongoing maintenance for your hive.

Beekeeping is fun and watching Bunyip or Ligurian busy bees at their work is quite relaxing. Let us save time and some of the work involved with beekeeping. Call The Bunyip Beekeeper today. We’re available to hobby beekeepers and sell bee hives in Melbourne. Simply complete the convenient form on our contact page, and we will get back to you.

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Note: as I am often out working with bees, appointments are required.