Lease a Bee Hive in Melbourne

The property proves expansive - a collection of long acres and forgotten paths. The weeds are tall; the twigs pile high; but there’s the promise of a flat, lush stretch of grass. With a little effort (and a little time) you could transform this into a spectacular garden. You could also transform it into the perfect hive host.

The Bunyip Beekeeper embraces both suburban and urban apiary practises, and this is why we now allow our clients to lease a bee hive in Melbourne, connecting them to the world of colony management, flower pollination, and honey extraction. Allow our team to redefine your empty spaces.

To lease a bee hive in Melbourne, each client must first receive an assessment from our trained team. We’ll quickly identify both your personal and legal limitations, adhering to the rules established in the Apiary Code of Practice. From this, we’ll assemble the perfect colony size (1 to 5 hives is traditional, depending on location and property size. Exceptions may be possible, however, for those with considerable gardens or experience).

After establishing a colony, our team will then help you establish a proper management programme. We’ll schedule regular site visits to oversee the health and progress of every bee, assisting you throughout every season. You can experience the thrill of apiarism without the expected worry.

To learn more about our bee hive leases in Melbourne contact us today via our online form. We’ll happily answer any questions or provide an on-site inspection.

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Note: as I am often out working with bees, appointments are required.