About Us
Background History
William the original Bunyip Beekeeper had kept bees as a hobbyist initially due to difficulty in finding local raw honey to help with bad hayfever - having the honey from your own backyard truly incorporates the local floral sources! 

Recently he moved back to his family town when an opportunity arose to purchase a 2 bedroom cottage on a 1/4 acre block in the centre of town right next to family with plans of turning the backyards into a small market garden and the front yards a small espaliered dwarf fruit orchard all to be organically grown. 

Word got around town that he kept bees onsite after sharing honey with the neighbours and received the odd word of mouth request to help with removing swarms, bees from fallen trees or to extract them from old sheds or from the walls of houses! It got to the point that when he received a call I was often asked "are you the Bunyip beekeeper?" After this happened a few times, he decided to make it official and registered the name! 

Often we would receive requests to place one or two hives on private property to help with their garden pollination however with unpredictable honey yields, fuel prices and time restraints, it was not feasible to solely rely on  potential honey harvests. 

After turning down multiple requests William happened to mention off-hand to a client that I wouldn't be able to do it without charging them to cover my time and costs, when asked in response "how much would that be" it got me thinking if this was even possible. 

After some research and ensuring that my insurance policies would cover us (after negotiations) William came back to our potential client with a quote which was immediately accepted to my surprise!

Future Endeavours
I have now been keeping bees for over 8 years and am working hard to expand the number of colonies I manage with the eventual goal for beekeeping to be my full time career - and I'm loving every second of it! 

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Closed Public Holidays
Note: William and the team are often out working bees, however our Retail shop is open 7 days per week until Winter!