I offer a free collection service for any unwanted or abandoned Bee Hives*

Are you a hobbiest beekeeper however don't have the time to manage your hives, or is your neighbours or local council giving you grief? I can take them off your hands.

Are you a farmer or have land that a beekeeper has left hives on your property, but has gone missing and is no longer managing them? I can relocate them or take over the management of the Hives.

* Fine Print:
1. A "Bee Hive" is the box⁄hardware that a beekeeper has used to house the bees (usually contains bees) - please see the photos.
2. Free collection service does not include Bee Nest removal or Swarm Collection.
3. I offer to collect these hives for free, please understand that there is significant work to move the hives to a quranteened location (seperate to exisitng apiary sites) where the health of the hive needs to be assessed over a 3 month period to ensure that the colony is free of disease. In most cases that hive hardware is dilapidated and requires replacement - because of these backend costs, we're unable to purchase these abandoned hives.
4. A "swarm" of bees is a cluster of bees usually found hanging off a tree branch, they have not yet found themselves a home. Best to get them collected ASAP before they take up residence where they're not wanted.
5. A "nest" of bees is where unmanaged⁄feral bees have established comb where they are not wanted, ie within walls, ceilings, bird⁄possom boxes, compost bins, couches etc

I also offer a Swarm and Nest removal service, however fees apply, please see my bee removal service here.

I can generally travel up to 60 minutes out from Bunyip, however is prepared to travel further if there is multiple hives to be collected.

Note: Hive collection needs to occur at dusk or before dawn so as to collect all the returning foragers.

Thank you for looking after the bees!