- Bee Hive Lease / Rental / Hosting Service (subscription based)
- Bee nest removal, swarm collection and relocation
- Bee baiting / swarm traps and relocation
- Unwanted/Abandoned Hive Recovery
- Hive Maintenance / Health Check (adhoc or subscription based)

- Training and workshops.

Hive Leasing & Maintenance packages includes onsite training!

- Beekeeping Supplies / Equipment and Tools
​- Hive Kits
​- Protective clothing

- Italian Queen Bees
- 5 Frame Nucleus Hives from Buyip (pre-order required)
​- Italian Package Bee Colonies (October)
- Raw Honey 
- Comb Honey (currently out of stock)
- Soaps/Lip balms made by our sister business Bee Bubbles from our beeswax/honey
- Assembled frames with wax foundation.
- Hive Kits (Ventilated base, 3x boxes, 30x frames, entrance reducer, queen excluder, lid and hive lock with strapping) - Assembled and painted, all you need to do is add bees!