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We are fully insured (Products & Public Liability) and Registered team of Beekeepers (R260) who provide services within all suburbs of Melbourne as well as Eastern areas through to Traralgon and including down to Wonthaggi.

If you're interested in keeping bees yourself (even in urban areas!), please feel free to contact me about our hive leasing services: We supply the hives and bees, manage the colony and extract the honey. You enjoy the pollination and a portion of the honey crop & you're welcome to learn from me during the hive checks! This is the perfect way to learn how to keep bees! 

​I use the Ligurian Bees in the hive rental/leasing service as they are both productive and very docile/calm - perfect for the new beekeeper...

​If you already have a hive (or have ordered one) and would like regular health checks or assistance with extracting honey - I can also help, various options available.

Bee nest removal is best done in the warmer months, I will need to discuss your requirements with you and assess on a case by case basis preferably before attending site as there will be some locations that I will not be able to access, please contact me to see if I can help. A photograph will also assist in determining if the bees are in fact wasps to save you a callout fee.


- Bee Hive Lease / Rental / Hosting Service (subscription based)
- Bee nest removal, swarm collection and relocation
- Bee baiting / swarm traps and relocation
- Unwanted/Abandoned Hive Recovery
- Hive Maintenance / Health Check (adhoc or subscription based)
- Training and workshops.

Hive Leasing & Maintenance packages includes onsite training!

- Queen Bees from Bunyip & Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bees (pre-order required)
- 5 Frame Nucleus Hives from Buyip & Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bees (pre-order required)
- Raw Honey 
- Comb Honey (currently out of stock)
- Soaps/Lip balms made by our sister business Bee Bubbles from our beeswax/honey
- Assembled frames with wax foundation.
- Hive Kits (Ventilated base, 3x boxes, 30x frames, entrance reducer, queen excluder, lid and hive lock with strapping) - Assembled and painted, all you need to do is add bees!